Top Drawer Realness

Vanity drawers can get pretty lit.

I went on a cleaning spree.  I decided to tackle all of the scary places in my house that have been taunting me with their inability to close.  I grabbed the largest garbage bags I could find, and I just stared tossing things.  I won’t lie, I did protect myself with latex gloves, because who knew what was in there.  After the cringing, random pricks from stray scissors, and wiping up of sticky spills, what was I left with?  All of the things I needed, and that’s it.  What a concept.

*Drake voice* Top five, top five, top five *Drake voice*

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1. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

2. Tarte Tarteist eyeliner

3. Contacts so that I can see

4. Beauty Blender Cleanser

5. Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Just Go

Traveling is a luxury.

 I want to make sure I acknowledge this fact before I continue with what I have to say.  This is travel in the lofty and distant sense.  The type of travel where we get on planes and boats to take us to place we only thought we would see on postcards, but there is a much more modest form of travel that every heart desires.  Just getting up and going, removing yourself from the monotony of everyday life, and stepping into something different, this is the travel that we can all experience.

I’ve always thought of travel as something that was reserved for people who never thought about money or responsibility.  I would hide my face when people would talk at length about their journeys, because my domestic travels would never compare.  The subject  was something that took me out of conversation.  The idea of taking a trip was always immediately followed by what I would be abandoning at home.  In my mind, there was always a person, group, or responsibility that I would have to neglect in order to engage in what I deemed a selfish experience.

I’ve slowly been working to free myself of these thoughts.  The truth is, most people are constantly chasing a better position in life.  It’s a series of moments where we find ourself saying things like “Let’s just wait until we’re caught up on our bills”,  “We’ll have time after this big push it work” or “Once the baby is older, it will be easier”.  All those thoughts do is cheat us out of the moment that we’re in.  It takes us out of the “now”, and puts us into the “then”, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that tomorrow isn’t promised.

So, two weekends ago I went to LA.  I wanted to go, so I bought the ticket, and hoped for the best.  I tried to free my mind of everything I would be leaving behind, and I ignored the insecurity that told me this wasn’t traveling or a vacation.  I ate, I laughed, I traveled.

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So, go.  The distance doesn’t matter.  Just go, and allow yourself to be…there.

The Color of Possibility

Am I blushing?

I have a couple of things to talk about.  The first part of what I am about to say will be seem pretty shallow, but stick with me, I swear it gets less vapid.  For those of you simply curious about the outfit details, no judgment, I will link them below. 😉

What’s so shallow that I’m almost afraid to tell you about it?  I’ll tell you.  I rediscovered the color pink this weekend, and I can hardly contain myself.  Pink was once my favorite color.  Everything I owned was pink.  My clothes, my room, my thoughts, they were all pink.  I don’t know when it happened, but one day pink stopped being my color.  I still loved anything dipped in it, but I stopped seeing it as something that fit into my life.  It became distant.  It’s been a long time since pink was a staple in my day to day, but that all changed this past weekend.  I recently purchased this pink dress, and the minute I put it on, I fell in love with the color, and with everything it represents, all over again.


Now, for the section of my tale that hopefully won’t cause you to roll your eyes (as I’m sure you did in the paragraph above).  What does my love for, or hatred of, pink have to do with anything?  Well, when I really think about it, when I fell out of love with Pink was at a time in my life when I became jaded.  I started living my life the way I thought I was supposed to live it as opposed to how I wanted to live it.  I stopped believing in what could be, and I started living in the impossible.  Pink was a little girl’s color.  It was for romantics who weren’t grounded in reality.  My love of pink showed my immaturity.  These were all self imposed restrictions.  No one told me I couldn’t love it, wear it, or think about it.  I put those limitations on myself.  I’m done living that way.  It’s draining and it’s unfair.  When we limit ourselves, we miss out on opportunities, we let moments slip away, and we don’t buy beautiful dresses.

So, this weekend I fell back in love with pink, and now everything seems a little bit brighter.

Dress: Sorella Boutique
Shoes: Timberland