This For That

I am aiming to be smarter about my purchases and the way I shop, especially when it comes to my beauty products.  In the spirit of minimalism, my new process is to use a product until it runs out and then replace it with something new.   This way, I can try new products and understand what it really is that makes my skin happy and what doesn’t.


I recently ran out of products and went to make some new purchases.  Here are the items I chucked and the ones I swapped them out for!

Schmidt’s Lavender and Sage for Schmidt’s Ylang-Ylang Calendula
I love Schmidt’s deodorant, so I knew I wanted to keep it in the Schmidt’s family, but I just changed up the scent.

Evian spray for Avéne Thermal Spray
I’ve heard amazing things, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Rosebud Salve for Sun Bum
I’ve tried Rosebud so many times, and it has always been too drying for me.  I thought I would give the Sun Bum a shot since it’s summer and my lips tend to get sunburned, but it also dried my lips out, so…

So, that’s my latest haul.  See ya!

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