A Twenty-Fine Occasion to Remember

My Birthday was Lit.

It started with a spreadsheet from my ever organized best friend, and it quickly evolved into a pile of empty amazon boxes and confetti filled balloons.  There was a beautiful cake, polaroid pictures, incredible food, amazing cocktails, and there was even a snapchat filter.  Yes, a snapchat filter.

Even though all of that was indeed…lit, the best part of the evening was the amount of joy that filled the room.

I know what you’re thinking, joy seems like a given.  It’s a birthday, so joy should naturally follow.  Well, yes, but for me…nah.

Calm is not my constant.  Worry is more of my jam.  For me, calm is a daily struggle.  This isn’t something that I’m proud of, but in the interest of making 25 my year of truth, this is what it is.  A state of calm is something that I’m constantly chasing.  It’s an ideal state of being and thriving that I wish to one day be the only thing I know, but for now, I worry.

So, joy and calm are not a given for me, but they were this night.  It’s because my friends are a thing of dreams.  They push me to be more, they create safe spaces for me to enjoy, and they view my weaknesses as strengths.

These are the images, faces, and feelings that I’m taking into 25.  My prayer is that I draw them in closer and embrace the calm.

All photography by Lauren Ito, a woman who sees the beauty in all things.

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